What are push messages?

Posted 3 years ago by admin

what are push messages pic“What are push messages?” is a common question we get when they learn about our Bonus feature we offer our Mobile App clients…

Well you know how you have to open your email inbox to check an email on your phone?

Or you have to open up your text message inbox to read a text…

Well none of that is needed with a push message from your Mobile App to all your App users!

It appears right on the home screen without them having to do anything.

Which means whatever message you send get’s seen 98% of the time!

With averages for email marketing going anywhere from 1-2% open ration to 15%-35% if you are a high level marketing maverick….98% of people seeing your message is huge!!

What would you say to your network if you knew 98% of them will see it?

Why not get your Mobile App and try it!

Let us create an app for you…..

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